BTOYM Self Heating Pet Pads Blanket Puppy's Pet Pad Warming Cushion Mat for Cats Dogs Small Pets with Thermal Warming Body Heat Reflecting Core Pad,Washable

  • ✔️Heat reflection principle,the aluminum filling material can reflect the body heat to keep pets warm.Better warm keeping than ordinary mats;Hi Tech reflective insert reflects body heat back to your pet Insulates them from cold surfaces
  • ✔️wool lamb + polyester + silk cotton;Very soft, warm and cosy self heating pet bed; there is no danger to your cat or dog due to gnawn power cables or short circuit reaction
  • ✔️Machine washable cover Can be used with any pet bed or placed directly on the floor or carpet
  • ✔️Anti Slip Backing, ideal for use on tiles, hardwoods, concrete or other smooth surfaces
  • ✔️Size Approx 58 x 43cm; 90*60cm.Any pet is suitable, ideal for use in sofas, beds, cat cages, cars, dog houses and beds

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